Likes On Status

The Mostly Used Trick To Get Likes On Status....


  I'm now sharing a trick to increase likes on your facebook status/feed/photo.

  • Firstly, Your age on Facebook must be 18 years or Above to perform it.
  • Then visit Facebook subscribe to Enable subscribers by clicking on "Turn On Follow".
  • After that go to after subscribing.
  • In likelo click on "click here" to get access to your token,you might be asked to allow permission.
  • Install it. Copy your access token located in the URL.
  • Paste the access token in's given space for URL and click on submit button.
  • It will automatically  re-direct and select a facebook status/feed and submit it and wait till it completes its process.
  • Done 


  1. Allowing subscribers is important.
  2. Wait for each page to load completely.
  3. Don't click on submit button more than once.
  4. This auto liking trick works just by utilizing the access token others submit on this site.
  5. Do the submitting process as fast as you can because the site may provide you auto likes till your access token does not expire (Expiry period ~3mins).
  6. Make use of this before likelo gets into the blacklist of facebook.
Have a nice Day Mah Friends.........Love You @ Puneet & Saurav


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