Promoting Via Facebook

Promoting a Website/Blog via Facebook

 (Creating a Facebook Page)

Promoting Website


"No visitors, no profits," It's one of the fixed facts about making money from the Internet, as a result for this fact building and promoting ways has diversified and varied to bring visitors .. If you are one of ads AdSense publishers and you have a blog/site want make profit by it, do not miss the following lines...

Steps to create a Facebook Page :

  • Firstly, Log in into your facebook account.
  • Go to the link to start the process create a new page on Facebook
  • Then Select Brand or Product.
  • Select Website from the drop-down menu.
  • Then type the name of your blog/Website in the second box, and click on Get Started.
  • Click on the button Upload an Image to upload your blog's/website's image logo. If you don’t have a photo, feel free to skip this step – you can always add a picture at any time later.
  • Now you can start promoting your new page by pointing your friends on Facebook by clicking on the Invite Friends, or import postal addresses whether mailing lists of your own, or even the list of your friends who are on Yahoo or Hotmail, and clicking on the Import Contacts.
  • In step named "Basic Info" Write the link of your blog, and at the bottom write a short description of it and the link it to your blog.
  • You’re all done! now you only need to publish your new posts links first hand on the wall; and thus ensure regular visits from fans to your blog with each new update of the content.
 Quick Hints :
  • When you visit your Facebook page, your blog page will now show up in the navigation on the left. if you want log on it all you have to do is click on it. 
  • Use your page account to comment on sites that support comments FB instead of your personal account; to attract attention to the name of your page. 
  • Use the @ symbol and name of your page to be converted into clickable link directly while writing about anywhere on Facebook. 
  • Here we talked about how to create a Facebook page and link it to your blog, in the next article I will talk to you about Twitter and how to use it to promote your blog. 
  • Please, let me know any further information about promoting by Facebook if you know more than what mentioned above, I will be more than happy if you do.
Have a nice Day Mah Friends.........Love You @ Puneet & Saurav


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